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Flying restrictions

There are some restrictions on flying at Coombe Hill imposed by the landowner (the National Trust).

  • Flying at Coombe Hill is strictly limited to members of CHSA and their ACCOMPANIED GUESTS. The club pays the National Trust for a license that grants members the right to fly.
  • The Association is affiliated to the British Model Flying Association. All CHSA and their guest must also be members of the BMFA.
  • • Electric gliders may be flown provided the model is capable of sustained flight in the prevailing conditions. The motor can only be used to assist launch or to escape from a dangerous situation. No other electric powered models or combustion engines of any type are allowed.
  • No flying close to the monument area at the northwest corner of the hill. In general you should stand on the high ground half way along the western slope to fly.
  • • No racing or combat flying.
  • • There are restrictions imposed on model aircraft by Air Navigation Orders covering fliht paths from Halton airfield. These should have little impact on slope soaring on the western face but limit the eastern range. This is covered in detail in the Club Handbook.
  • • Very occasionally full size gliders will fly along the slope; obviously these have right of way. If this happens whilst you are flying please land as quickly as is safely possible. Only when a full size glider/aircraft has cleared the area should you re-launch.

The previous arrangements between Coombe Hill and the Ivinghoe association and HWDMAC lapsed a number of years ago.

The club safety code is available here in the club handbook.